Ms. Nidhi Chaitanya

Subjective Scientist

Nidhi Chaitanya is a subjective scientist, inspirational-speaker, writer, blogger, poetess and social media influencer. She is an idea-archeologist who excavates ideas and philosophies from around the world, polishes them & presents them as relevant to modern lives.

She picks ideas from Greek mythology, from Hindu textbooks, from Islamic scriptures and releases them from the overarch of religiosity and brings their relevancy to modern life, because she feels that the efforts of the thinkers of the past should not be bound by the barriers of religion & time.

She is often seen as the connoisseur of the antiqued yet timeless scriptures – Geeta & Upanishads – and decrypts them for the modern society through several online and offline courses, talk shows and residential retreats.

She facilitates Self Discovery that helps find answers and solutions that lie within by handcrafting inspired tribes who share the excitements of being alive.

Nidhi Chaitanya frequently writes for print & digital media platforms like Mumbai Mirror, Speaking Tree and Youth ki Awaaz, and is currently working on her much awaited book-series. She is currently studying World Religions with Harvard University and Philosophy & Critical Thinking with University of Queensland, Australia. She is also the winner of the Woman Gamechanger Award and a Tedx speaker.

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