Cdr. Sukumar

Enterprise Architect for Digital Solution Grp at TCS

Commander Sukumar has completed 22 years of active service in the Indian Navy, where he was instrumental in delivering mission critical projects in weapon and combat systems management domain.
An alumni of IIT Kharagpur in Computer Engineering, He has transitioned from the armed forces and is now the Enterprise Architect for Digital Software and Solutions Group at TCS, Chennai. He is currently developing products in big data, Analytics and AI for Banking, Retail, Telecom and Smart Cities sector.
His interests lie in conceptualizing and building digital eco-systems that works for betterment of human kind and learning how to code.

All in your workforce – Managing in a super-efficient era.

Imagine having Siri, Alexa and Sophia as your colleagues. Or worst still, as your boss. Soon, AI powered “Personalities” would be filling up work places, as assistants, co-workers or even the entire work force. Not only can they work tirelessly, they will achieve super-efficient results to tasks assigned to them. That disrupts the management interaction to more digital, sharper and faster eco-system that the human kind needs to adapt. Who are these “Personalities”, how do we accommodate and how do we manage in the super-efficient era, a POV.

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