Mr.Ravindra Shevade

Chemical Engineer from IIT, Bombay.

Started working in IT in 1989 and was handling sales and implementation of IT projects in Engineering, Pharma, Continuous Process and Financial Services Industries for 10 years.

Between 1989 and 2000 worked in Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing domain applications handling sales and implementation.

In 2000, joined a start-up to set up an online market-place for machinery components as CTO and ran it for two years.

From 2002 to 2008, designed, developed and pioneered the e-Tendering process in several State Governments, PSUs and Central Government Departments.

During this process developed a Secure Bidding Process and A Secure Document Repository and for both of these he is the Inventor for two international patents.

Many of the agencies continue to use the same architecture and the above patented processes even today.

From 2009 onwards working with NCDEX (National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange) and its 100 % subsidiary NCDEX e Markets Ltd (erstwhile NCDEX SPOT Exchange Limited).

At NCDEX e Markets Limited have been architect of a low cost platform for Spot and Forwards Trading in commodities. This platform has been used for commodities procurement by Public Distribution and Mid-day Meal Schemes of eight State Governments has led to substantial savings to State Governments. More than 3 million MT of food grains, pulses, sugar and edible oil.
FCI also used this same platform for 3 years for Open Market Sales and more than 2.5 million MT of wheat has been sold through this platform to 5000 flour millers.

The platform is also being used by 9 banks to advance loans against commodities as collaterals to farmers. As of now more than 1500 crores of loans have been processed to farmers by 9 banks using the platform.

One of the most important projects, and the key project that has received wide recognition is the Unified Market Platform (UMP) that would integrate disparate APMC markets into One Market per State and eventually a Single National Market in Agricultural Commodities. The project has already integrated 46 markets in Karnataka into one and more markets are being integrated.
The process has started in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and would cover 10-15 states in the next five years.

UMP not only integrates markets but allows fully transparent, price discovery, complete online funds settlement and introduces assaying and grading in primary markets.

Recent Projects include a design, development and implementation of Unified Procurement Platform for procurement of agricultural commodities from farmers at Minimum Support Price. This platform has been used across the country and more than 8 million MT of commodities have been procured through this platform.

Another recent project is the mobile based market place for Perishable Commodities that allows farmers to sell directly.

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